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Plate 2. Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Ψ 2.124 (G-A 0171)

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The top and bottom of the folio remain, and their positioning has to be calculated on the basis of missing text. The page contained two columns, and originally had 24 lines. The bottom of the first is extant, containing part of Lk 22.44:

    ς κα[τα]βαι
    πι την γην
The second column carries on at v. 45. The middle of the page breaks off at v. 47 καλου (a quite rare variant for λεγόμενος), and resumes at v. 48 with ν του αν, ending at v. 50 εις. Note the floating fragment of parchment in the space. Although it now looks rather narrow, the original size of page is estimated to have been 15 by 11 cm.

Copied in about 300, this manuscript is the oldest extant Greek witness to the presence of vv. 43-44 in the text.

Reproduced by permission of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence

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