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Plate 3. London, British Library, Add. 43725, Codex Sinaiticus (G-A 01), Quire 80, folios 1v and 2r (BL foliation 247v-248r)

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Τhis double opening (made by joining two images together), displays the full grandeur of the manuscript. Use the zoom facility to explore the details of the book production.

The first column begins at Jn 1.38 ο λεγεται ερμηνευ (this was corrected by the hand called ca to μεθερμηνευ) and ends in v. 45 at ῑν̄ ῡν̄ του. The first page ends at 2.22 αυτου ο (the next begins with the rest of the word, οτι) and the second at 3.25 ϊουδαιων (corrected by ca to the more common ϊουδαιου) πε.

Reproduced by permission of the British Library, London

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