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Plate 6. Basel, University Library, AN III.12 (G-A 07)

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Also known as Codex Basiliensis and given the letter E, this copy is far more colourful than any of the previous examples. The image shows Folio 102v, containing Mk 2.9 ἠ εἰπεῖν to the end of v. 14.

The note in the top margin is a lectionary indication, written certainly in a different script and possibly by a different scribe. The S shaped symbol directs the reader to the same symbol at the beginning of the passage (περι Λευϊ του τελωνου).

The bottom margin contains cross-references to the parallels according to the Eusebian Apparatus, here with the Gospels listed in the order Mark, Luke, John and Matthew (this changes from Gospel to Gospel).

Reproduced by permission of the Öffentliche Bibliothek, Universität Basel

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