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Vetus Latina
Vetus Latina edition website
This is the official homepage for the Vetus Latina edition, produced in 2007. It has an introduction to the work of the Institute, full lists of publications in the Vetus Latina edition and companion volumes in Aus der Geschichte der lateinischen Bibel, and details of the Vetus Latina Foundation. Available in German and French; English coming shortly...
Institut Vetus Latina
Introductory page to the Institut on the website of the Abbey at Beuron (in German)
The BREPOLiS online database
The online database of Patristic Latin Biblical Citations (requires subscription and password)
Centre de recherche sur la Bible latine
The home page of this centre at the Université Catholique de Louvain.
Electronic Edition of the Old Latin manuscripts of John
Online transcriptions of over twenty manuscripts of John, prepared as part of the new edition of the Vetus Latina Iohannes.
Die altlateinische Actus Apostolorum
Project website for the edition of the Old Latin Acts of the Apostles, currently in progress at the University of Mainz (in German)
The EDENDA database
A database run by the CSEL listing editions of the Latin Church Fathers currently in preparation 
Biblical Studies
The NT Gateway
A wide range of resources and links to New Testament history and study provides an online electronic text of the Stuttgart Vulgate, fourth edition (1994). 
The Unbound Bible
The Biola Unbound Bible offers a searchable version of the Nova Vulgata and the Vulgata Clementina (Colunga and Turrado, Madrid 1946) 
The Latin Vulgate has a number of scanned editions of the Latin Vulgate, including the 1861 Vercellone edition and the 1914 Hetzenauer edition, along with searchable text and translation. There is also a link to the 2009 Vulgate (work in progress).
Project Wulfila
An electronic text edition of the Gothic Bible from the University of Antwerp
Codex Argenteus
A home page for this Gothic bible manuscript, including a digitized transcription
Early Christian writers
Texts in Latin and translations, manuscript information and bibliography
The complete works of Augustine in the Migne edition, with modern translations 
Sant'Agostino - Augustinus Hipponensis
Augustine: James O'Donnell
Homepage for Augustine, including some Latin texts and essays.
Bibliotheca Augustana
Latin texts of many Church Fathers
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Many writings of the Church Fathers available in old English translations 
Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paleografia Latina (Fernando de Lasala)
Web version of the second edition of Lasala's excellent manual on Latin palaeography, with many illustrations.
Electronic Palaeography
An online update to Leonard Boyle's Medieval Latin Palaeography (bibliography in progess)  
A web-based and stand-alone database of Medieval Latin abbreviations 
Comité International de paléographie latine
Palaeography website, including a searchable database of Latin manuscripts in France 
Manuscripta Mediaevalia
Online images of manuscript catalogues for libraries in Germany  
Codices Electronici Sangallenses
High-quality digital images of 144 manuscripts, including several Latin Bibles, from the important collection at Sankt Gallen in Switzerland  
Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Coloniensis
Online detailed manuscript catalogue and digitisation project for codices in Cologne, Dusseldorf and other German libraries.
Digital Scriptorium
Gateway to selected digitised images of manuscripts held in a number of American libraries, with catalogue details.
Words Latin Dictionary
A downloadable Latin Dictionary.

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