Vetus Latina Patristic Abbreviations

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This page gives details of the author abbreviations used in the Vetus Latina Repertorium. The system for indicating writings by Christian authors in the Vetus Latina edition normally consists of two parts: the first, beginning with one or more capital letters, indicates the author or source; the second, usually lower case (apart from proper nouns, which begin with a single capital), gives the work or subdivision where needed.

For example, TE ba is Tertullian's De baptismo, HIL Mt is Hilary of Poitiers' Commentary on Matthew and VICn-P Chr refers to the work De Iesu Christo Deo et homine by the fifth-century French poet Victorinus (not to be confused with Victorinus of Poetovio, whose siglum is VICn, or Victor of Capua, indicated by VIC-C). The author’s abbreviation is put in square brackets for works by a different author transmitted within that corpus (e.g. [AU] ep 72, which is actually Jerome’s response to Augustine’s Epistula 71 but included in the collection of Augustine's letters; among Jerome’s writings the same document is listed as HI ep 102). There are numerous anonymous works (AN), some of which refer to individual manuscripts. Pseudonymously-attributed works are preceded by PS- and listed after the author to which they are attributed. Translated works are identified by their Greek author where the translator is unknown (e.g. ORI for Origen, BAS for Basil), or under the works of the identified translator (e.g. RUF for Rufinus). Authors who have at some point featured in the list but have now been removed are marked by square brackets and not highlighted in bold.

The final column of the table includes the number of the author in the Clavis Patrum Latinorum (CPL; Eligius Dekkers & Aemilius Gaar, ed., Clavis Patrum Latinorum, Editio tertia aucta et emendata. Steenbrugge: Brepols.) or the Clavis Apocryphorum (CA).


A-SSActa vel Passiones vel Vitae Sanctorum
ABDso-called Abdias CA 256
ACHAchille(u)s, Bishop of Spoleto (first half of the 5th century) CPL 1484
AdeodatusPope (672-676) CPL 1736
AdomnanusAbbot of Iona (d. 704)
AGAAgapetus I., Pope (535-536) CPL 1693
AgathoPope (678-681) CPL 1737
AGNAgnellus, Bishop of Ravenna (d. 570) CPL 949
AgnellusAgnellus (Andreas), Abbot of St. Bartholomaeus and St. Maria ad Blachernas in Ravenna (c. 835/846) CPL 1182
Agrestiusfrom southern France or Aquitaine, Bishop of Lugo (c. 440) CPL 1463A
AgroeciusBishop of Sens (mid 5th century) CPL 1545
AILAileran the Wise, monk of Clonard in Ireland (d. 665)
AlanusAlanus of Farfa (d. 769/70) CPL 1994°
ALCHAlchfridh, hermit in Northumbria (mid 8th century)
ALDAldhelm, Abbot of Malmesbury, Bishop of Sherborne (d. 709)
[PS-ALE I.Pseudo-Alexander I.]
AMAmbrose, Bishop of Milan (d. 397)
AM-AAmbrosius Autpertus, Provençal, Abbot of San Vincenzo al Volturno (d. 784)
AmandusMissionary to the Netherlands (d. 679 or 684)
AMstso-called Ambrosiaster (366/84 in Italy)
ANAnonymous: various unknown authors
ANASTEmperor Anastasius (d. 518)
ANAST I.Pope Anastasius I. (399-402)
[PS-ANAST I.Pseudo-Anastasius I.]
ANAST II.Pope Anastasius II. (496-498) CPL 1677
PS-ANATPseudo-Anatolius of Laodicea CPL 2303, cf. CPL 1620
AnatoliusPatriarch of Constantinople (449-458)
ANGAngelomus of Luxeuil (d. c. 855)
ANIAn(n)ianus of Celeda, deacon, Pelagian (in the time of HI)
ANSAnsbertus, Bishop of Rouen (d. 693) CPL 2089
[ANT]Antonius Magnus Abbas (d. 356) CPL 2348
ANT-BenBeneventanal Missal and Antiphonary CPL 1940
ANT-GGallican Antiphonary CPL 1936
ANT-IBangor Antiphonary; Irish, end of the 7th century CPL 1938
ANT-MMozarabic Antiphonary CPL 1943
ANT-S Sinai Antiphonary
AP-ActApocryphal Acts of the Apostles
AP-ApcApocryphal Apocalypses
AP-EApocryphal Gospels
AP-VApocrypha Veteris Testamenti
APOAp(p)onius, probably abbot, central Italy Second half of the 6th century, after EP-SC Ct, before GR-M Ct CPL 194
APRApringius, Bishop of Beja, (Pace) in Portugal (d. shortly after 551)
ARArnobius the Younger, African, monk in Rome (d. after 455)
ARAArator, subdeacon CPL 1504
[ARA]CPL 1505
ARIArius (d. 336) CPL 2025b
ARNArnobius Rhetor; Africabeginning of the 4th century CPL 93
ASTAsterius, pupil of Jerome, Bishop of Ansedunum (c. 400) CPL 642A
ATHAthanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (d. 373)
ATTAtticus, Patriarch of Constantinople (d. 425)
AUAugustine, Bishop of Hippo (d. 430)
AudoinusBishop of Rouen (d. 684) CPL 2094°
AugustalisBishop? African (active before 297) CPL 2274
Augustinus-CBishop of Canterbury (d. 604) CPL 1327
AUNAuna(cha)rius, Bishop of Auxerre (d. before 603)
AurasiusBishop of Toledo (c. 603-615) CPL 1296
AURnAurelianus, Bishop of Arles (d. 551)
AURsAurelius, Bishop of Carthage (d. 430) CPL 393, CPL 396
AUSOD. Magnus Ausonius of Bordeaux (d. end 393 or beginning 394) CPL 1387-CPL 1420
AUSPAuspicius, Bishop of Toul (5th century) CPL 1056
AUXAuxentius, Gothic bishop of Dorostorum (Silistria) CPL 691
AUX-MAuxentius, Bishop of Milan (d. 374) CPL 462
AVAlcimus Ecdicius Avitus, Bishop of Vienne (d. 518)
AV-BAvitus of Bracara (5th century)
BACHBachiarius, wandering ascetic, from Galicia?(beginning of the 5th century)
BARLatin translation of the Epistle of Barnabas (mid 2nd century) CPL 1050
BASBasil the Great (d. 379)
BEABeatus of Liébana, priest, Asturia (d. 798?)
BEDThe Venerable Bede, monk of Wearmouth/Jarrow (d. 735)
BEN II.Pope Benedict II. (684-685) CPL 1739
BEN-ABenedict of Aniane (d. 821)
BEN-NBenedict of Nursia (d. 547?) CPL 1852
[PS-BENI.Pseudo-Benedict I.]
BOBBobolenus, priest (7th century) CPL 2106
BOEBoethius (d. 524)
BONBonifatius (Winfrid) (d. 754)
BON I.Pope Bonifatius I. (418-422)
BON II.Pope Bonifatius II. (530-532) CPL 1691
BON IV.Pope Bonifatius IV. (608-615) CPL 1724
BON V.Pope Bonifatius V. (619-625) CPL 1725
BRAUBraulio, Bishop of Saragossa (d. 651)
PS-BRENPseudo-Brendan CPL 1138
BULBulgar, Count of Septimania CPL 1297
CAECaesarius, Bishop of Arles (d. 542)
[CAE]CPL 1019–1019A
CAEaCaesaria, abbess in Arles (6th century); not the sister of CAE (d. shortly after 524), but the younger Caesaria, possibly a niece of CAE (d. c. 555)
CAECCaecilianus CPL 8513, 8520
CAELPope Caelestinus I. (422-432) CPL 1650–1654
CaelestiusFriend of Pelagius, probably born in Africa (d. after 431)
CAnJohn Cassianus, Abbot in Marseille (around 360-435)
CANDCandidus, Arian (4th century), imagined by MAR
CAPCapreolus, Bishop of Carthage (d. 437) CPL 397–400
CArFlavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator (d. 583); lived in the palace in Ravenna up to 538, reached Constantinople in 540 after Belisarius and returned to Italy (Vivarium) in 554
CECerealis, Bishop of Castellum Ripense in Mauretania Caesariensis (d. after 480) CPL 813
CellanusAbbot of Péronne (d. 706)
CeolfridAbbot of Wearmouth/Jarrow (d. 716) CPL 1377°
CHAC[h]alcidius (c. 400?) CPL 578–579
Childebert II. (and Brunichild)Merovingian rulers CPL 1057
ChintilaKing of the West Goths (636/40) CPL 1534
CHROChromatius, Bishop of Aquileia (388-407 or beginning 408)
CHROgChrodegang, Bishop of Metz (d. 766) CPL 1876
CHROtChrodebert, Bishop of Tours (d. 682)
CHRYLatin translations of Chrysostom by unknown authors (printed in five volumes)
CLAUClaudianus Mamertus, priest in Vienne (d. c. 474)
PS-CLAUPseudo-Claudius Claudianus (beginning of the 5th century)
CLAU-TClaudius, Bishop of Turin (Spaniard, d. c. 827)
ClaudiusAbbot of Condat (St. Oyand, St. Claude) (d. c. 700) CPL 1312B
PS-CLE I.Pseudo-Clement I. CPL 1007, 1008
CLE-AClement of Alexandria (d. before 215) CPL 1380
CLE-RClement of Rome, Pope (92-101?; letters from 95-96) CPL 1001
COEcumenical Councils (Concilia Oecumenica)
[CO V.or Conc. Oecum. V. in Eph,Phil, Col, 1 Pt; = CO 4,1]
CO VI.Sixth Ecumenical CouncilCPL 9420–9437
CO VII.Seventh Ecumenical Council
CO-AgCPL 1784
CO-AndCPL 1780
CO-AqCPL 160°
CO-ArausCouncil of Orange
CO-ArelCouncil of Arles
CO-ArvCPL 1785K
CO-BarcCPL 1790
CO-BracCPL 1790
CO-BurdCPL 17856
CO-ByzCPL 1765B
CO-CabCPL 17855
CO-CaesCPL 1790
CO-CarpCPL 1785E
CO-CarthCouncil of Carthage
CO-CliCPL 17854
CO-ColCPL 1786
CO-EgCPL 1790
CO-ElibCPL 1790
CO-ElusCPL 1785O
CO-EmCPL 1790
CO-EpCPL 1785B
CO-GallCPL 17853
CO-GerCPL 1790
CO-HispCPL 1790
CO-IlerdCPL 1790
CO-LatCPL 1774, CPL 9398–9402
CO-LatunCPL 17857
CO-MasCPL 1785I
CO-MaslacCPL 17859
CO-MedCouncil of Milan
CO-NarbCPL 1785Z
CO-NemCPL 1779
CO-OscCPL 1790
CO-RegCPL 1779A
CO-RomCouncil of Rome in 679 CPL 1775
CO-TarCPL 1790
CO-TaurCPL 1773
CO-ThelCPL 1770A
CO-TolCPL 1790
CO-ValentCPL 1790
CO-VenCPL 1783
COLColumbanus, Irish (d. 615 in Bobbio)
COL-ARCollectio Arelatensis CPL 1625
COL-AVCollectio Avellana CPL 1570–1622
COL-BCollectio Britannica (Italy, c. 1090) CPL 1625°
COL-CCollectio Carolina (Codex Carolinus)
COMCommodianus (mid 3th century, around 260, in the Proconsularis
CON-APFragments from the 8th book (n. 41-48) of the Constitutiones
Constantinus I.Pope (708-715) CPL 1744
CORPope Cornelius (251-253) CPL 50°, CPL 1851
CORIFlavius Cresconius Corippus (Africa, middle of the 6th century)
CresconiusA Donatist grammarian (Africa, c. 402) CPL 716
Cresconius-EAfrican (bishop?), who calls himself ExiguusCPL 1769
CU-DCummianus (Cumeanus, Cummíne), Abbot of Durrow (7th century)
CU-LComianus Longus (Cuimmíne Fota or Foto), Abbot of Clonfert (d. 662)
CUTHCuthbert (Guthberct), monk and Abbot of Wearmouth/Jarrow (8th century) CPL 1383
CYThascius Caecilius Cyprianus, Bishop of Carthage (d. 258)
CY-GCyprianus presbyter, from Gaul (5th century)
CY-TCyprianus, Bishop of Toulon (d. c. 549)
CYRCyril, Bishop of Alexandria (d. 444)
PS-CYRPseudo-Cyril of Alexandria
DAMPope Damasus (366-384)
DEFDefensor, monk of Ligugé (c. 700) CPL 1302
DESDesiderius, Bishop of Cahors (d. 655) CPL 1303
DictiniusPriscillianist Bishop of Astorga (4th century) CPL 797
DIDDidymus the Blind, Alexandria (d. c. 398)
DIDaDidascalia Apostolorum CPL 1738 cf. CPL 1731
DIDeDidache (Latin translation)CPL 1736
DINDinamius Patricius (Provence)(d. 601)
DION-EDionysius Exiguus, Scythian monk in Rome (d. c. 545)
DORecord of the Conference between Catholics and Donatists (Gesta conlationis Carthaginiensis); Carthage, May 411; cf. the summary in AU bre CPL 724
DOMRustic(i)us Helpidius Domnulus (Gaul, 5th century)
DONDonatus, Bishop of Besançon (d. 660)
DRABlossius Aemilius Dracontius (Carthage, end of the 5th century)
DulcitiusImperial courtier; his questions are probably around 423
DYFlavinius Dynamius, Rhetor of Bordeaux (d. 360/70) CPL 536A
PS-EGBPseudo-Egbert of York
[PS-ELEPseudo-Eleutherius of Tournai]CPL 1004A
[PS-ELE-PPseudo-Eleutherus, Pope]
ELIEligius, Bishop of Noyon (d. 660)
ELPElpis (or Helpis), unknown author(7th century) CPL 1539
EmeritusDonatist bishop of Caesarea (d. 418)
ENMagnus Felix Ennodius, Bishop of Pavia (d. 521)
EP-LEpiphanius Latinus, Bishop of Seville (411/61) CPL 914
EP-SAEpiphanius of Salamis (d. 403)
EP-SCEpiphanius Scholasticus, friend of Cassiodorus (6th century)
EPHEphrem the Syrian (d. 373)
EREraclius, pupil and follower of AU
EUCHEucherius, Bishop of Lyon (d. c. 450)
EUGE-CEugenius, Bishop of Carthage (d. c. 505)
EUGE-TEugenius II., Bishop of Toledo (d. 657)
PS-EUGE-TPseudo-Eugenius of Toledo
EUGIEugippius, Abbot of Castellum Lucullanum in Naples (d. shortly after 535)
Eulogius(5th/6th century) CPL 1152B
EUS-Aso-called Eusebius of Alexandria (5th century) CPL 5524–5526
EUS-CEusebius of Caesarea (d. 339)
[PS-EUS-CPseudo-Eusebius of Caesarea]
EUS-EEusebius of Emesa (d. c. 359) CPL 3525, CPL 3526
EUS-Gso-called Eusebius Gallicanus CPL 3543
[PS-EUS-PPseudo-Eusebius, Pope]
EUS-VEusebius, Bishop of Vercelli (Bishop around 344-355 and again 363–371)
Eusebiussee Hwaetberht
EUSTEustathius CPL 2835
EUTREutropius, Bishop of Valencia (d. after 589) CPL 1095, CPL 1096
EUTR-PEutropius, priest probably in Aquitaine (beginning of the 5th century)
EVA-AEvagrius of Antioch (d. 393) CPL 2101b
EVA-GEvagrius Gallicus, monk CPL 482, CPL 1101b
EVA-PEvagrius Ponticus (d. 399)
EVANEvantius, Archdeacon of Toledo (d. 737) CPL 1076
EVOEvodius, Bishop of Uzalis (d. after 426)
FACFacundus, Bishop of Hermiane (d. after 571)
FASFastidius, British bishop (c. 430)
FastidiosusArian in Africa (c. 525) CPL 708
PS-FAUPseudo-Faustus of Riez
FAU-MFaustus, Manichean bishop of Milevis (d. before 400)
FAU-RFaustus, Bishop of Riez (d. c. 490)
FAUnFaustinus, Roman priest, follower of Lucifer
[PS-FEL I.Pseudo-Felix I.
[PS-FEL II.Pseudo-Felix II. CPL 1631°
FEL III.Pope Felix III. (483-492) CPL 1665
FEL IV.Pope Felix IV. (526-530) CPL 1686, CPL 1690
[PS-FEL IV.Pseudo-Felix IV.]
FEL-CFelix, Bishop of Córdoba
FEL-MFelix, a Manichaean, who debated with AU December 404
FEL-TFelix, Bishop of Toledo CPL 1252
FEndFerrandus, deacon of Carthage (d. 546/7)
FEolFerreolus (Feriolus), Bishop of Uzès (d. 581) CPL 1849
FIDFormulae fidei (Credal formulae)
FILFilastrius, Bishop of Brescia (d. before 396) CPL 121
FIRIulius Firmicus Maternus Siculus (d. after 360)
FLAFlavius, Bishop of Chalon-sur-Saône (d. 591) CPL 2014
FLOFlorianus, Abbot of the monastery of Romenus (Diocese of Milan) CPL 1059
FO-AFortunatianus, Bishop of Aquileia CPL 104
FO-MFortunatus, a Manichaean priest
Foebadiussee PHOE
FORFormulae, diverse collections
Francuspriest in Verdun (5th century) CPL 1000
FREFredegarius CPL 1314, CPL 1316
FRIFrigulus(Figulus, Fribolus), Irish author, between Isidore and Bede (according to Smaragdus)
FRUFructuosus, Bishop of Braga (d. c. 665)
PS-FRUPseudo-Fructuosus CPL 1275
FUFulgentius, Bishop of Ruspe (d. 527 or 532)
FU-DFulgentius, a Donatist (c. 420/30)
FU-MFabius Planciades Fulgentius Afer
GAUGaudentius, Bishop of Brescia (d. 410/1) CPL 215
GAU-DGaudentius, Donatist bishop of Timgad CPL 715
GELPope Gelasius I.(492-496)
PS-GELPseudo-Gelasius I.
GENGennadius, priest in Marseilles (d. 495/505)
GERGerontius, priest of Jerusalem (d. 485) CPL 2211
GERMGermanus, Bishop of Paris (d. 576) CPL 1060
PS-GERMPseudo-Germanus of Paris CPL 1925
GIGildas Sapiens, Abbot of Rhuys (d. c. 570)
GogoNutricius Austrasiae Regis (d. 581) CPL 1061
GR-AGregory of Antioch (d. 593) CPL 7385
GR-IGregory, Bishop of Illiberis (Elvira) (d. after 393)
GR-MGregory the Great, Pope (590-604)
PS-GR-MPseudo-Gregory the Great
GR-NAGregory of Nazianzus (d. 390) CPL 3010, CPL 3032, CPL 3035
GR-NYGregory, Bishop of Nyssa (d. 394) CPL 3197
GR-TGregory, Bishop of Tours (d. 593)
PS-GR-TPseudo-Gregory of Tours
GULGulosus, Bishop of Puppis CPL 877, CPL 9395 = CPL 9399 n. 6
GUNGundemar, King of the West Goths (c. 609/12) CPL 1234
HEGHegemonius, Syrian? (c. 350) CPL 3570
PS-HEGPseudo-Hegemonius CPL 122, CPL 3571
HEpHistories in five books ascribed to Hegesippus
HERShepherd of Hermas (Rome, first half of the 2nd century) CPL 1052
HESHesychius, priest in Jerusalem (d. after 451) CPL 6550
HIHieronymus (b. 347 or 348 in Stridon, d. 420)
HILHilary, Bishop of Poitiers (b. c. 310; baptised c. 345)
HIL-AHilary, Bishop of Arles (from 428 or 429; d. 449)
PS-HIL-APseudo-Hilary of Arles CPL 508
HILnQuintus Iulius Hilarianus, bishop in Africa
PS-HILnPseudo-Hilarianus CPL 2281
HILsHilarus, Pope (461-468) CPL 1662
PS-HIPPPseudo-Hippolytus CPL 1911
HONHonoratus Antoninus, Bishop of Cirta (Constantine) CPL 426
HON I.Pope Honorius I. (625-638) CPL 1726
HonoriusEmperor Honorius (384-423)
HORPope Hormisdas (514-523) CPL 1683
Hosiussee Ossius
HwaetberhtEusebius, Abbot of Wearmouth/Jarrow (8th century)
HYHydatius (Idacius), Bishop of Chaves, Galicia CPL 2263
IDAIdalius, Bishop of Barcelona (d. 688) CPL 1258°
IGNIgnatius of Antioch (d. c. 110)
PS-IGNPseudo-Ignatius CPL 1026 cf. CPL 2075°, CPL 3460
ILDIldefonsus, Bishop of Toledo (d. 667)
INPope Innocentius I. (402-417) CPL 1641
IN-MInnocentius, Bishop of Maronea, friend of the Emperor Justinian
IRIrenaeus, Bishop of Lyons (d. c. 200) CPL 1306
ISIsidore, Bishop of Seville (d. 636)
JANJanuarianus, priest in Africa (5th century) CPL 392
JO II.Pope John II. (532-535) CPL 1692
[PS-JO II.Pseudo-John II.]
JO III.Pope John III. (561-574)
JO IV.Pope John IV. (640-643)
JO VII.(705-707) CPL 1743
JO-AJohn, Bishop of Aquileia (7th century) CPL 1174
JO-ArelJohn I., Bishop of Arles (659-668) CPL 1848
JO-BJohn, Abbot of Biclarum, Bishop of Gerona (d. after 610)CPL 1866
JO-DJohn Diaconus, friend of Boethius, later possibly Pope
JO-MJohn Maxentius or Maxentius (John), Scythian
JO-N(John of Naples)
JO-TBishop John of Tomi, in Scythia CPL 665
JONJonas of Bobbio (from Susa in Piemont) (arrived c. 618)
JORJordanes, Goth (6th century)
JOSFlavius Josephus (d. after 100)
JO VI.Pope John 6th (701-705) CPL 1742
JovinianusJovinian (arrived in Rome after c. 385, banished 398) (d. before 406) CPL 783
[PS-JUL I.Pseudo-Julius I.]
JUL-EJulian, Bishop of Eclanum (d. before 455)
JUL-PJulianus Pomerius (from Mauretania), died in Arles (d. beginning of the 6th century) CPL 998
JUL-TJulianus, Archbishop of Toledo (d. 690)
PS-JUL-TPseudo-Julianus of Toledo
JUNJunil(li)us Africanus, chief courtier in Constantinople CPL 872
[JUS-TJustus, Bishop of Toledo](d. 636) CPL 1235
JUS-UJustus of Urgel (d. after 546)
JUSnEmperor Justinian I. (d. 565)
JUVC. Vettius Aquilinus Iuvencus, Spanish priest CPL 1385
KACapitula or Summaries in biblical manuscripts
LACL. Cae(ci)lius Firmianus Lactantius, African, wrote in Nicomedia
LATHLathcen (Laidcenn Mac Baith), monk in Clonfert-Molua (Clúain-Ferta-Molúa) (d. 664)
LAULaurentius, Bishop of Novae (Svistov) in Moesia
LAU-CLaurence, Bishop of Canterbury CPL 1328
LEALeander, Bishop of Seville (d. 600)
LEOPope Leo I. (440-461)
LEO II.Pope Leo II. (682-683) CPL 1738
LEO-BLeo, Bishop of Bourges CPL 483=CPL 1781
LEO-HLeo Hispanus, monk in Spain (7th century) CPL 2300
LEO-SLeo, Bishop of Sens (d. 541) CPL 1075
LEODLeodegar, Bishop of Autun (7th century)
LEPLeporius, monk of Gaul CPL 515
LEXLaws (usually gathered into legal codes)CPL 1795, CPL 1800–1830
LI-DLiber Diurnus CPL 1626
LI-PLiber Pontificalis CPL 1568
LIBLiberatus, Archdeacon of Carthage (6th century) CPL 865
LiberiusPope Liberius(352-366)
LICLicinianus, Bishop of Cartagena (end of the 6th century) CPL 1097
Licini(an)usEmperor (d. after 324)
LiciniusBishop of Tours (c. 511) CPL 1000A
Liudprand of Cremona(d. probably 972)
LUCLucifer, Bishop of Cagliari (d. 370/1)
[LUCULuculentius](end of the 9th or beginning of the 10th century) CPL 953
LupusBishop of Troyes (brother of VINC)(d. 478) CPL 988
M-AAmbrosian Missal
M-BenBeneventan Missal
M-BoBobbio Missal CPL 1924
M-FrMissale Francorum CPL 1923
M-GaOld Gallican MissalCPL 1922
M-GoGothic Missal CPL 1919
M-MMozarabic Missal
M-RRoman Missal CPL 1933
M-StStowe Missal after 792 CPL 1926
MACMacarius of Egypt/Symeon (4th century) CPL 2415,1
MALArs Malsachani; Irelandbefore 700
Manichaeuscf.CPL 727
MAPMapinius, Bishop of Reims (d. c. 550) CPL 1062
PS-MARPseudo-Marius Victorinus
MARC. Marius Victorinus, African Rhetor in Rome
MAR-AMarius, Bishop of Avenches (d. 594) CPL 2268
MAR-MMarius Mercator, probably African CPL 780–781
MARCMarcellinus, Illyrian count (6th century)
MarcionistaA neo-Marcionite, addressee of AU leg
PS-MARTPseudo-Martin of Braga
MARTMartin, Bishop first of Dumio, later of Braga in Galicia
MART I.Pope Martin I. (649-655) CPL 1733–1734, CPL 9403–9415
MAUMauricius, Spanish monk (7th century) CPL 1294
MAU-RMaurus, Bishop of Ravenna CPL 1169, CPL 9398 n. 3
MauriciusByzantine Emperor (582-602) CPL 1057°, CPL 1062A
MAXMaximus, Bishop of Turin (d. 408/23)
PS-MAXPseudo-Maximus of Turin
MAX-AMaximus, African bishop (beginning of the 5th century) CPL 484
MAX-CMaximus, Bishop of Saragossa (c. 600) CPL 2267
MAX-EMaximianus Etruscus; Italy (6th century?) CPL 1519
Maxentius(John) see JO-M
MAXnMaximinus, bishop, who led a Gothic congretation in Africa
MERFlavius Merobaudes, Spaniard (5th century; in Rome from 435)
PS-METHPseudo-Methodius CPL 1830
MINMinucius Felix (possibly African, in Rome)CPL 37
Monophysitaan unknown Monophysite (5th century)
MONTMontanus, Bishop of Toledo (d. 531) CPL 1094
MORMori(a)nus CPL 2306
MUIRMuirchú of Ardbraccan, Ireland (7th century) CPL 1105
MUTMutianus, Friend of Cassiodorus (Italy, 6th century) CPL 4440
NEMNemnius (Nennius) (beginning of the 9th century) CPL 1325
NICNicetas, Bishop of Remesiana (d. 414)
NICusNicetius, Bishop of Trier (d. c. 566) CPL 1063, CPL 1064
NILNilus, Abbot of Ancyra (d. c. 430)
NONovatianus, Roman priest (d. after 251)
NOsNovatus catholicus (time and place unknown, before 530) CPL 1154
OlympiusSpanish bishop (4th/5th century) CPL 558
OPTOptatus, Bishop of Milevis (d. before 400)
OPTnOptantius CPL 1154A
ORAOrations (Prayers)
ORIAnonymous translations of Origen(d. 254)
ORIEOrientius, possibly Bishop of Auch (first half of the 5th century)
OROPaulus (?) Orosius, from Braga/North Portugal (d. after 418)
PS-ORSPseudo-Orsiesius CPL 2369
Ossius(another spelling of Hosius). CPL 537–539
PACPacian, Bishop of Barcelona (d. before 392)
PACAPacatus (time and place unknown, before 550) CPL 1152A
PAEPenitentiaries (Paenitentialia)
PALPalladius of Helenopolis (d. before 431) CPL 6036
PAL-RPalladius, Bishop of Ratiaria in 346 CPL 688, CPL 692°
PARParthenius, an African priest (c. 500) CPL 804, CPL 805
ParmenianusDonatist Bishop of Carthage, originally from Spain
PAS-DPaschasius, monk of Dume in Portugal (6th century) CPL 5571
PAS-RPaschasius, Roman deacon (d. after 513) CPL 678
PascentiusArian Count (5th century) CPL 703
PASTPastor, bishop in Galicia (mid 5th century) CPL 559
PATMagonus Sucatus Patricius (Patrick), Apostle to the Irish (d. 461)
PateriusSecretary of GR-M CPL 1718
PS-PAUPseudo-Paulinus of Nola
PAU-AqPaulinus II., Patriarch of Aquileia (Cividale) (d. 802)
PAU-BPaulinus of Bordeaux (?) CPL 982
PAU-BitPaulinus, possibly Bishop of Béziers CPL 1464
PAU-DPaulus Diaconus (d. probably 799)
PAU-MPaulinus, deacon of Milan (first half of the 5th century)
PAU-NPontius Meropius Paulinus, Bishop of Nola (b.353/4 in Bordeaux)
PAU-PelPaulinus of Pella (Gaul)(d. after 459)
PAU-PetPaulinus of Périgueux (second half of the 5th century)
PELPelagius, Briton (d. after 418)
PEL I.Pope Pelagius I.(555-561)
PEL II.Pope Pelagius II. (578-590) CPL 1705–1707
[PS-PEL II.Pseudo-Pelagius II.]
PS-PETPseudo-Petrus Chrysologus
PET-CPetrus Chrysologus, Bishop of Ravenna (d. c. 450)
PET-DPetrus Diaconus, Scythian monk (6th century) CPL 663
PETIPetilianus, Donatist bishop of Cirta in Numidia CPL 714
PetroniusBishop of Verona (beginning of the 5th century?) CPL 210–211
Petrusfrom Andalusia (otherwise unknown)
PHIPhilippus, presbyter, pupil of HI (d. 455/6) CPL 643, CPL 757
Philastriussee FIL
PHoPhilo of Alexandria
PHOEPhoebadius, Bishop of Agen (d. after 392) CPL 473
PHYPhysiologus CPL 3766
[PS-PI I.Pseudo-Pius I.]
PIRPirminius (alternative form Priminius), abbot
POLPolycarp, Bishop of Smyrna (d. 23.2.167) CPL 1040
Polemius Silvius(Gaul)(middle of the 5th century) CPL 2256
PONPontius, Carthaginian deacon (3th century) CPL 52
PontianusAfrican bishop of an unknown city CPL 864
PORPorcarius, Abbot of Lérins (d. c. 490) CPL 1841
POSPossidius, Bishop of Calama, pupil of AU
POTPotamius, Arian bishop of Lisbon (d. after 357)
PRAEso-called Praedestinatus CPL 243
PRIMPrimasius of Hadrumetum (later Iustinianopolis = Sousse)
PrimianusDonatist bishop of Carthage
PRISPriscillian, Bishop of Avila (d. 385/6)
PS-PRISPseudo-Priscillian CPL 788
PriscianusRhetorician in Constantinople, from Caesarea in Mauretania
ProbaPoetess, Italy (c. 360) CPL 1480
PROCProclus of Constantinople (d. 446) CPL 5915
PROLPrologues in biblical manuscripts
PROSProsper of Aquitaine (d. after 455)
PRUAurelius Prudentius Clemens, Spaniard (b. 348 in Tarragona)
QUQuodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage (around 437-439) and from 439 in Campania, from where he never returned to Africa(d. c. 453)
Reccared I.King of the West Goths (586-601) CPL 1714°
REDRedemptus, cleric in Seville (7th century) CPL 1213
REGMonastic rules
REMRemigius, Bishop of Reims (d. 533)
RES-RRoman Responsory
RETReticius, Bishop of Autun (beginning of the 4th century)
[REVReverentius or Ravennius](end of the 5th century) CPL 506
PS-RUFPseudo-Rufinus (d. probably c. 411)
RUFRufinus of Aquileia, priest (d. 411; all works and translations after his return to the West in 397)
RufusBishop of Martigny CPL 1065
RURRuricius, Bishop of Limoges (d. shortly after 507) CPL 985
RUSRusticus, Roman deacon (d. after 565)
S-AmAmbrosian sacramentaries
S-GeGelasian sacramentary
S-GrGregorian sacramentary CPL 1902–1904
S-HibIrish sacramentary (mid 7th century) CPL 1918G
S-LLeonine sacramentary CPL 1897–1898
S-MoMozarabic sacramentaryCPL 1929
SALOSalonius, Bishop of Geneva (d. after 450)
PS-SALOPseudo-Salonius, unknown author in Germany after 800
SALVSalvian, presbyter in Marseilles (d. after 470)
SCYA Scythian monk, possibly called John, who assembled the Palatine Collection with JO-M and PET-D, possibly = JO-T (532/5) CPL 664° {8619,5}
SECSecundinus, an African Manichaean CPL 324 = CPL 725
SECnSecundinus (Sechnal), bishop in Ireland (d. 447?) CPL 1101
PS-SEDPseudo-Sedulius CPL 1453
SEDSedulius, from Spain, sourthern Gaul, Italy or Illyria?
SED-SSedulius Scottus, Irish monk c. 845
SEDASedatus, Bishop of Nîmes (d. after 506) CPL 1005
SEDA-BSedatus, Bishop of Béziers (end of the 6th century)
Sergius I.Pope (687-701)
SEV-GSeverian, Bishop of Gabala (d. after 408)
SEV-MSeverus, Bishop of Minorca (5th century) CPL 576
Severinus(or Severianus) Bishop, otherwise unknown (4th century?) CPL 1153
SIDApollinaris Sidonius, Bishop of Clermont-Ferrand (d. 480/90)
SigesteusVandal count (c. 500) CPL 803
SIMPope Simplicius (468-483) CPL 1664
SIRPope Siricius (384-399) CPL 1637
SISSisebut, King of the West Goths (612-620)
SISBSisbertus, Bishop of Toledo, extracted from CO-Tol 16 (693)
[PS-SIX I.Pseudo-Sixtus I.]
[PS-SIX II.Pseudo-Sixtus II.]
SIX III.Pope Sixtus III. (432-440) CPL 1655
[PS-SIX III.Pseudo-Sixtus III.]
PS-SOLPseudo-Solinus CPL 2340
SONSonnatius, of Reims (600-622) CPL 1312
[PS-STE I.Pseudo-Stephanus I.]
STE-AStephanus or Eddius, English presbyter (8th century) CPL 2151
STE-BStephanus, leading bishop CPL 876, CPL 9394 = CPL 9399 n. 5
STE-GStephanus, African presbyter in Gaul; 6th century
STE-LStephanus, Bishop of Larissa (531) CPL 666
PS-SULPseudo-Sulpicius Severus CPL 479
SULSulpicius Severus (d. c. 420)
SYASyagrius, bishop in Galicia (mid 5th century) CPL 560
SYMPope Symmachus (498-514) CPL 1678
Symp(h)osiussee AEN Sy
SympronianusSpanish Novatianist (around end of the 4th century) CPL 784
TATaio, Bishop of Saragossa (d. 683)
TARRATarra, monk in Spain CPL 1098
TATTatwin, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 734)
TEQ. Septimius Florens Tertullianus (Tertullian). Carthage, later a Montanist
Theodosiussee IT The
TheudebaldFrankish King CPL 1066
Theudebert I.Frankish King CPL 1067
PS-THlPseudo-Theophilus of Antioch
THlTheophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria (d. 412)
THrTheodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia 392-428 CPL 3845
THr I.Pope Theodore I. (642-649) CPL 1732
THr-CTheodore, Bishop of Canterbury (668-690) CPL 1885
[PS-THsPseudo-Theodotus of Ancyra]
TIRTirechán, bishop in Ireland (second half of the 7th century) CPL 1105
TITTitles of the Psalms
TRITrifolius, priest (6th century) CPL 655
TROTroianus, Bishop of Saintes CPL 1074
TUTurribius of Astorga (bishop from 444) CPL 564
TYTyconius, African Donatist (d. after 390)
ULUlfila(s), bishop of the Goths (d. 383 in Constantinople) CPL 689
URAUranius, priest, pupil of PAU-N CPL 207
VALValerianus, Bishop of Cimiez (d. c. 460)
Valerianus Calagurr.Valerianus, Bishop of Calahorra CPL 558A
VALsValerius, Abbot of Bierzo in Galicia (d. shortly after 691)
PS-VENPseudo-Venantius Fortunatus
VENVenantius Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers (d.shortly after 600)
Venerandus(c. 620-630) CPL 1305
VERVerecundus, Bishop of Junca (BordjYounga, Tunisia) (d. 552)
VERAVeranus CPL 1022
PS-VICPseudo-Victor of Vita
[PS-VIC I.Pseudo-Victor I.]
VIC-AVictorius Aquitanus (mid 5th century)
VIC-CVictor, Bishop of Capua (d. 554)
VIC-MClaudius Marius Victorius, Rhetor in Marseille CPL 1455
VIC-TVictor, Bishop of Tunnunna (d. not before 567) CPL 2260
VIC-VVictor, Bishop of Vita (d. after 489) CPL 798
VICnVictorinus, Bishop of Poetovio (Pettau) (d. 304)
PS-VICnPseudo-Victorinus of Poetovio (Pettau)
VICn-PVictorinus, poet in Gaul (5th century)
PS-VICn-PPseudo-Victorinus the poet
VictorBishop of Carthage (mid 7th century) CPL 874
VICTRVictricius, Bishop of Rouen (d. between 404 and 409) CPL 481
[VIG-DVigilius Diaconus]
VIG-PPope Vigilius (537-555)
VIG-TVigilius, Bishop of Thapsus (d. after 484)
PS-VIGPseudo-Vigilius of Thapsus
VIG-TRVigilius, Bishop of Trent (d. 405) CPL 212, CPL 213
VINCVincentius of Lérins (brother of Lupus) (d. c. 445)
VINC-CVincentius Victor from Caesarea in Mauretania
VinisiusBriton(c. 400)CPL 1326
VIR-GVirgilius Maro grammaticus (after IS, before ALD, south-west Gaul)
[VIR-SVirgilius, Bishop of Salzburg](d. 784)
VITVitalis and Tonantius (not Constantius) CPL 398
VITnPope Vitalianus (657-672)
VIVViventiolus, Bishop of Lyons (beginning of the 5th century) CPL 1068
WambaKing of the West Goths (d. 683) CPL 1537
WARWarnaharius, priest and bishop in Langres (beginning of the 7th century)
WilfridBishop of York (d. 709) CPL 1329
ZEZeno, Bishop of Verona, probably from Africa CPL 208
ZOPope Zosimus (417-418)